IIDTool Common Tasks

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Reset Service Interval Indicator

Navigate to Service/Test -> Instrument Pack -> Reset Service Int. Ind. -> Reset Oil

If the engine is running you will be prompted to turn the engine off and return key to position 2. After pressing Resume, interval will be reset.

Monitoring Battery Voltage

Starting with IIDTool v2.18, you don't need to do ANYTHING to monitor battery voltage. Plug your IIDTool in the diagnostics port and wait. There is no need to enter any menus. After the tool boots up you will see "IIDTool Ready" on the LCD, which will soon change into the battery voltage live value.

Check FBH Operation

Navigate to Main Menu -> Service/Test -> Auxiliary Heater -> Check Operation. You will be prompted "Proceed with current routine?". Press + to confirm.

LCD readout will change to "Waiting 1s" and will count up the time.

During the next 2 or 3 minutes the FBH will start up and run for a little while (around 1 minute?) regardless of the fuel level, outside temperature or coolant temperature.

If successful you will get "Operation Succeeded" after a few minutes.

During these few minutes you can physically confirm it's working by (please be careful it might get VERY hot):

1. Putting your hand or ear close to the FBH (if still not very hot you can even touch it). You will hear it working and it will start getting hot.

2. Finding the exhaust outlet near the left front wheel arch and putting your hand close to the outlet, it will be blowing relatively hot air

Activate 4x4 Info

See Car Configuration Editing

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